Fan Fiction also has rules regardless of how you feel.

FanFic Rules

  • Respect Canon: Don't change every canon within a series that you base it off of so leave at least 50% or 30% of the canon intact.
  • Non-Stories: Users who want's lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and other such things such as criticism needs to head to the Blogs sections only.
  • Non-historical/non-fictional characters stories: These stories and character are allowed.
  • Multiple Entries: Material There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site this is with No Exceptions!
  • Original Work: Do not Copy from a previously published work this even includes musical lyrics which aren't in the public domain. See here Legal issues with Fan Fiction.
  • Story Ratings: All stories will be PG-13 to slight maturity for all audience No exceptions.
  • Categories: Make sure you place your story and characters in the proper categories.
  • Separation: If you have a shared universe you are allowed to right 2 different stories BUT if its together then you are demanded to combine them unless it's a half story going into a bigger story.

Major Regular Rules

  1. Do not post canon profiles make sure you put them under your own Earth or username! Example: Goku (Earth-2727) or Goku (Universe 181) or Goku (Adminverse)
  2. Do not use someone else's work WITHOUT getting permission and crediting the person.
  3. Do not edit someone else's profile without direct permission.
  4. Listen to staff when hearing criticism about your character because everyone has room for improvement.