1. Do not create Marysue's which are fan created characters that are meant to be unbeatable or seemly overpowered meaning if your characters have no limits like a Omnipotent being then they cant be used within Roleplays on the forum you can create them as a support character.
  2. Do not use other peoples characters without permission this is under copyright terms and will cause us to ban your account.
  3. Do not use images that are property of someone else meaning no deviantart images that aren't under free use.
  4. Do not create characters that are meant to bash on others (real life only applies to this fictional characters are more fitted.).
  5. Users can create Joke Profiles just make sure that they are appropriate.
  6. Users can't create/upload 18+ profiles or images its against our terms for 18+ content look at the forum.
  7. Users can't autohit and other such things within a roleplay its disrespectful and unfun.
  8. Users who create fanfic stories on this wikia has to use the best amount of grammar.
  9. Do not edit someone else's character ONLY administrators may edit characters to make them more suitable for the wikia.